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Tight Mesh Securing Fencing/ Louvre Mesh Fencing Brackets


In many cases, signs are installed on substation fences using nylon cable ties or other forms of non-secure methods. Uticom Systems, Inc. introduces a safe, secure and efficient way to mount signs to high security mesh substation fencing. The USG-S-8 Anti-Theft Brackets are manufactured from zinc alloy. The locking feet allow for secure and safe […]

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Aerial Drone Signs

Aerial Drone Sign Picture

Uticom Systems, Inc. introduces new polycarbonate signs to protect substations from problems caused by small, unmanned aircraft. This product is an angled sign that provides both aerial and ground-level visibility. All signs meet current ANSI standards for design and content. Constructed from virtually unbreakable, non-conductive polycarbonate material, Uticom’s aerial drone sign has an exterior durability of […]

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Embossed Reflective Pole Markers

Uticom’s Embossed Reflective Pole Maring System is durable, highly visible and easy to install. This system offers an expedient method of identifying the correct pole or piece of equipment in harsh evironments. The embossed “slide-in” aluminum markers are manufactured according to the 3MTM matched component system, which is the same silk screen process used to […]

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Maintenance ID Tags

Maintenance ID Tag Uticom Systems, Inc. now offers Maintence Repair ID Tags. These chemical, water and abrasion resistant tags are superior to standard cardboard tags. They are durable, tear resistant and come with eyelets for a pull out rating 50 times stronger than traditional tags. Uticom’s Custom Maintence tags can be ordered with various options […]

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Uticom Systems Folding Substation Signs

Uticom Systems, Inc. now offers a white polyethylene plastic folding sign frame and construction label. Each sign is created from high-visibility reflective material and can be personalized with a company logo and specific substation site information. Uticom’s folding signs can provide clear, complete and easily accessible data for substations, including a durable weatherproof PVC tube […]

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Anti-Theft Brackets for Sign Installation

Uticom Systems, Inc. introduces a safe, secure and efficient way to mount signs to standard chain link fencing. The Anti-Theft Brackets are manufactured from Nylon 6/6 and feature all stainless steel hardware. The lock-on feature allows for secure and safe installation to the fence. The Anti-Theft 5/16” bolt can be tightened using a standard flat-head […]

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