U8800E Engraved Placards

Labeling switchgear controls is common practice in the electrical utilitity industry, this ensures the operator is aware of which controls they are using. This contributes to decreased liability and injury in these hazardous areas. In order to guarantee that the controls are labeled properly, Uticom Systems, Inc. developed their own product for easily and accurately marking switchgears.

Uticom is now manufacturing engraved placards to be applied to electrical switchgear panels. These placards are highly durable, made from 1/8” thick modified acrylic, that enables an indoor/outdoor lifetime of 20 years. With a tensile strength yield of 6000 psi, the placards will remain unbroken in any condition.

This product comes in a variety of colors and sizes. They can be custom printed to specific utilities and are available in low-glare or glossy finish. Like all Uticom Systems, Inc. products, they are manufactured in the United States and quickly delivered to our clients.


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