UtiCarrier Pole Markers

Lighting-UtiCarrier Pole Markers are manufactured from extruded polycarbonate with UV inhibitors for maximum durability in outdoor environments. Carriers feature a nail guide for easy installation of reflective labels and can be mounted to concrete or steel surfaces using RTV Silicone.
UtiCarriers feature a durability of 25-30 years and a replacement warranty of 20 years.
UtiCarriers are available in two sizes and can be ordered in kit form.


  • 1 – 10 position carriers available
  • For use with 1” reflective adhesive labels


  • 1 – 12 position carriers available
  • For use with 2.5” reflective adhesive labels
  • Use UtiClean to properly clean and prepare any surface before applying a label.

    For information on Uticom’s double hot-dipped galvanized nails click here.

To place an order, contact your local representative.

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    For use with U101077 Reflective Labels

    Small Uticarriers-LIGHTING

    U101077BY - LIGHTING


    For use with U2817 Reflective Labels

    Large Uticarriers-lighting

    U2817BY - LIGHTING

    U2817YB - LIGHTING