After purchasing Uticom’s Anti-Theft Brackets for Sign Installation, you’ll notice that the brackets have an interesting looking bolt for attatchment. The bolts are stainless-steel one-way bolts, whicn means that they are unable to be removed (after installation) with just an ordinary flat-head screwdriver. This is no accident, we designed our brackets this way to ensure the utmost security for our signs.

Uticom Systems, Inc. introduces a revolutionary tool in our line of anti-theft products. The U1902S-TOOL-BIT is a versatile screw-driver that is sold with 7 interchangeable heads, including our U1902-BIT or U1902-BIT-1024 bits. These unique bits are needed to remove the one-way bolts that were used in installation of your signs, with your new anti-theft brackets. Setting up the brackets can be done by a normal flat-head screwdriver, but removal can only be done by our U1902S-TOOL-BIT. If you already own a interchangeable screwdriver, you can purchase the bit heads separately.



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