U1864 Confined Space Cover Sign

Often confined space work goes unmarked, which could potentially lead to a hazardous liability. If a confined space work area is left unmarked, it has a higher probability of being fallen into.

Uticom Systems, Inc. has developed a confined space cover sign to prevent unwanted liability surrounding a manhole. Our cover sign is useful for any area that meets the following three criteria: (1) the space is large enough for a person to enter it, (2) has limited or restricted means of entry or exit, and (3) the space is not designed for continuous occupancy. The sign increases confined space safety and reduces the risk of falling or unauthorized entry into a manhole.


Our new cover sign is durable and easy to install. Place two standard safety traffic cones are on either ends of the sign for increased visibility of the confined area. It is manufactured from a 1/8” x 18” x 36” piece of sturdy, reflective polycarbonate. The sign is also availabnle as a high strength label that is to be applied to a piece of strong plywood on site.


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