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In-Line Circuit Markers

On numerous occasions, power lines are indistinguishable during the night time or hazardous conditions. Thus, making it difficult for them to be seen by pilots or unmanned aircraft. Uticom Systems, Inc. offers a highly-visible, durable and cost effective way to identify line circuits. Our 8-position, polycarbonate line markers are ideal for areas, such as: construction/ […]

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Anti-Theft Brackets for Sign Installation

Uticom Systems, Inc. introduces a safe, secure and efficient way to mount signs to standard chain link fencing. The Anti-Theft Brackets are manufactured from Nylon 6/6 and feature all stainless steel hardware. The lock-on feature allows for secure and safe installation to the fence. The Anti-Theft 5/16” bolt can be tightened using a standard flat-head […]

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